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Cáp Feeder 1/2"





 1/2" r Cable

   SL 012R PE


    Rosenberger S-Link® Flexible Cables feature annularly corrugated outer conductors and are mainly used for site solutions and indoor coverage solutions in RF communication systems. 

    Rosenberger S-Link® flexible cables provide excellent electrical and mechanical performance to address key parameters: low VSWR, low loss, and excellent 3rd order intermodulation.  They ensure high stability and durability at high power levels and a wide range of operating environments. They are IP68 compliant and can be installed quickly and easily. 

    The cable is constructed with an inner conductor, foam dielectric, outer conductor and protective jacket. Use of high quality copper and a unique Argon welding process ensures low loss, better shielding, cable flexibility, and waterproofing. 

    Rosenberger provides a complete low loss coaxial cable series from 1/4" to 1-5/8" to meet a wide variety of applications. Through its global sales network, Rosenberger has convenient and flexible delivery options to meet the needs of global customers. Rosenberger provides superior quality and outstanding performance in low loss RF coaxial cables which are widely used in the communications industry. 

   SL is abbreviation of S-Link® cable series.

   R is a trade mark of this flexible cables series.

   SL 1/4" R, SL 3/8" R, SL 1/2" R, SL 7/8" R, SL 1-1/4" R, SL 1-5/8" R

   FRNC=Flame Retardant Non Corrosive (Halogen free) 

Mechanical Data

 Inner Conductor

 Copper clad aluminum wire 4.8 mm


 Foam PE 12.1 mm

 Outer Conductor

 Corrugated copper tube 13.8 mm


 PE/FRNC 15.9 mm

 UV Resistance and Halogen Free PE/FRNC

 Weight PE (FRNC)

 210 (245) kg/km

 Tensile Strength

 1150 N

 Min. Bending Radius(single)

 50 mm

 Min. Bending Radius(repeated)

 125 mm

 Number of Bends, Minimum (typical)

 15 (50)

 Recommended Hanger Spacing

 0.8 m

 Installation Temperature PE/FRNC

 -25 ℃ ~ +60 ℃ / -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

 Operating Temperature

 -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃


 electrical Data


 50 + / -1Ω                                     

 Relative Velocity of Propagation

 88 %


 76 pF/m


 0.190 μH/m

 Maximum Operating Frequency

 available 1*4, 1*8     

 Cut-off Frequency

 10.0 GHz

 Peak Power Rating

 40 kw

 DC Breakdown Boltage

 6000 V

 Jacket Spark Test Voltage

 8000 V

 Inner Conduct or DC-Resistance  


 Outer Conductor DC-Resistance


 Return Loss 800~1000MHz

 ≤ -26 dB

 Return Loss 1700~2500MHz

 ≤ -24 dB

 Return Loss 2500~3000MHz

 ≤ -24 dB


+ Price : Contact

       . Tel: +84.8.39975966 ext 110

       . Hotline:     Ms Dung      – 0902.789.310

                           Mr Dong      – 0936.463.664

                           Mr Quang    – 0913.744.786

                           Mr No          – 0903.935.735

                           Mr Huy        – 0908.95.65.95

                           Mr Tuan       – 0938.505.338

                           Mr Khoa       – 0916.387.797

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