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Over the course of 10 years of development with very radical step, Company Thien Tu are constantly expanding the type and enhance service delivery. To date, Thien Tu has become a brand people know and trust in the field of telecommunications service providers from building infrastructure to service contact center.
When the newly established companies only about 20 people, so far the personnel amounted to more than 700 people. From the field of infrastructure, Thien Tu expanded into Contact Center service, the company currently has 3 modern Contact Center, a large scale in Vietnam.

Works IBS
date Posted: 07-12-2015 10:34:12
Thien Tu proud company is specialized in installation of mobile phone coverage in large buildings in Vietnam. Our systems are capable of working in the frequency range from 800MHz to 2400MHz, meet technology requirements of GSM900 & 1800, according to international standards [see more...]
Services developed telecommunications infrastructure
date Posted: 07-12-2015 10:38:32
In 2000, Thien Tu participated in the construction services market telecommunications infrastructure, started to provide simple services like construction of antenna stations, installations and equipment outdoor, power station, construction ... for home office mobile telecommunications networks Mobifone, Vinaphone [see more...]
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