Out Standard of Conduct


To control the Expenses – minimize the cost of operations of the Contact Center whilst ensuring the employees satisfaction.


To satisfy the customer’s needs for products & services professionally.


With the motto "Prestige - Quality - Efficiency", We believes that you will be pleased to choose us as a partner in future.


To be a progressive and respected organization that strives

for excellence in everything it does.


To be recognized as an innovative group that strives

for excellence results.


Prestige, quality, efficiency, sharing success

Our History

A Company of People Serving People

Facing opportunities and challenges, Thien Tu has been developing strategies in the telecommunications market, customer services, and financial support fields to affirm the brand and take advantage of the opportunities and challenge to fulfill our mission.

Thien Tu Telecommunication Services Trading Co., Ltd is established from a small business, over 15 years of development with steady steps, Thien Tu expand and improve constantly to provide all kinds of telecommunication services. We have become a reputable and trusted brand name for providing telecommunications services including consultant, building and maintenance infrastructure technical for provider and Contact Center Outsourcing solution.

Our company has been growing quickly using new advances in science and technology. We look forward to cooperate with investors to expand business.

With the motto "Prestige - Quality - Efficiency", Thien Tu believes that you will be pleased to choose us as a partner in future.

Our People are our Priority

We believe that behind everything we do is our commitment to empowering, motivating and supporting every single member of our 7000 strong excellent team. This is because we understand that happy, engaged employees make for happy, satisfied customers.

Every single member is matter to us, because we care and we share!

Thien Tu Telecommunication

145B, Nguyen Dinh Chinh Street, Ward 11, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

+84- 28 3997 5966

info@thientu.com.vn / tuyendung@thientu.com.vn

We are a strong provider of high value business services. Our focus is on your business imperatives and on improving business outcomes for you. Bringing both strategy and execution, we bring a holistic approach to customer engagement and deploy capabilities and assets to enable improved revenue generation, customer experience and service optimization.

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