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Fast Connect








 Fast Connect 



  Fujikura Ltd.

The FAST Series connectors have a potential fibre connectorisation time of less than 30 seconds, including preparation. Apart from the standard fibre preparation tools, no other specialised tools are required in conjunction with the PC range of connectors, however APC variants require some additional tooling.

The FAST series connector products have been factory-polished, eliminating the need for any polishing materials, thereby enabling the preparation and termination of optical fibres in a fraction of the time of other conventional methods. The connector also uses V-groove mechanical splice principals and therefore the use of an epoxy is not required for the termination of the connector.

Using this onsite assembly optical connector, it is possible to improve the flexibility of optical wiring design as well as reducing the time required for fibre termination. The FAST series connectors are already a popular solution for optical wiring inside buildings and floors for LAN & CCTV applications and with the expansion of FTTH, is already proving itself to be the connector of choice by incumbents, municipalities, utilities & alternative carriers.

 A. Features 

          * Field installable high reliability connector

          * Requires no polishing

          * No cumbersome assembly tools

          * Fast and easy operation

          * Universal for 0.25mm or 0.9mm coated fibre

          * Variants available for >2.0mmØ fibre & >3.0mmØ  

 A. Ordering information
 Product Code


 Body colour


 Fiber Type

 OS1 9/125µm

 Connector Type


 Polish Type


 Cable diameter

 3.1mm x 2.0mm


 B. Ordering information
 Product Code  FAST-SC-APC-SM-025/GT        
 Body colour  Green
 Fiber Type  OS1 9/125µm
 Connector Type  SC
 Polish Type  APC
 Cable diameter  3.1mm x 2.0mm


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       . Hotline:     Ms Dung    – 0902.789.310

                           Mr Dong     – 0936.463.664

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                           Mr No          – 0903.935.735

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                           Mr Khoa       – 0916.387.797

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